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Mark in the subject-line SUBMISSION (abbreviation of journal: PAM TEX or SAD).

We publish previously published work, but by submitting you certify that the submission is your original creation and that you retain the copyright. After we publish it, the copyright remains with you. We will remove the work at your request.

There is no payment.

The Big Stupid Review (TEX)

A literary review from deep in the heart of The Big Stupid, where men are men, sheep are nervous, and that jackass you hear braying outside you window might be the governor or his speechwriter. We seek finely wrought, well told short stories outside the mainstream and unconstrained by genre. We don't want anything written to fit within the confines of any genre. No other taboos except cliché, bad prose, and writing that does not evolve out of some theory. Think of the work as a theorem, not a complete theory, and support it with appropriately detailed description. Present the theory in a few sentences in the body of your email.

Our criteria is that the work be original, the story active, the prose compelling, and the writing full of images. Character is best revealed through action. In particular, stories in which nothing happens hold little appeal. They are fashionable, but not interesting. If you mistake inaction for subtlety, read Dubliners.

Ceremonially certified in the latest cookie cutter approaches to writing? It doesn't mean you can't write, though it certainly makes it more difficult to find any true talent you might once have had. Don't go on about your certifications from some literary school or workshop. We can generally smell it from the writing, but if you tell us beforehand it may only prejudice us against you.

Write "TEX Submission" in the subject line and send to:


Spooky Action at a Distance (SAD)

A journal of essays, brief biographies, descriptions of cultural and book reviews. Maybe an occasional film, but it would need to be very special. Essays regarding jazz would be invited, but not rock. That is already over-hyped. We would like to see essays on business and politics, particularly the side no one likes you to see. Short biographies of businessmen like William Agee, Phil Katz, or Gary Kildall, national leaders like Jean Bédel Bokassa, or king-makers like Jacques Foccart are of interest.

Write "SAD Submission" in the subject line and send to:


The Journal of Precognitive Memories (PAM)

It is what it is. Take a look first, then if you can write for it, send it on.

We want works from all over the world, but they must be in English. We are eager for translations, but there are international copyright restrictions that must be obeyed. We will try to publish in translation and original language together. See also our Portuguese language journal, A Broca Literária

Write "PAM Submission" in the subject line and send to: