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Orgulho - Part 2

We grabbed a couple beers and she took off her clothes. I studied her in the naked light. Fair skin contrasted with raven hair that picked up illumination and threw it back in subtle overtones, belying the blackness. I thought I saw reds and maybe a hint of blue-green. Her flat black eyes shined from somewhere inside when she grew agitated. She called herself Gloria.

Long-waisted and fleshy, her pendulous breasts hung high up flat against her torso, stretched thin and streaked red with all the weight settled at the ends which were almost entirely purple-brown nipples that reminded me of bulls-eyes. She was well padded at the waist with ample hips and a full round butt with just a little sag. Her legs were long but it wasn't so apparent with their mass, powerful but well formed. All in all, exactly the body I expected from the face, perfect in every detail. Only the colors varied from version to version and hers were to my taste.

She dragged me into the shower and then pulled me out to the room, pushing me onto the bed and sucking my dick. Voracious, she ravened my erection with slurpy grunts and plenty of spit, sucking hard. She pushed it down her throat and I felt the tight cord muscles when she did it. I pushed her over and propped her head up on a pillow against the bedstead and fucked her mouth like a cunt, burying my cock in her face while I spewed what I had. When I finished, white goop dribbled from her nose and a long glistening strand of it trailed from the side of her mouth.

She got up and went into the bathroom and I heard her washing her face, brushing her teeth, gargling. She came back and kissed me on the mouth, engulfing my mouth with hers and forcing her fat tongue down into my throat, then dragged me back to the shower where she washed me carefully, playing with my deflated member until it showed some life. She kissed me turning my head while she stood behind me, soaping my cock, scrubbing my scrotum. She laved my anus, exploring with soapy fingers while jamming her tongue in my mouth.

Hugging my thighs for support, she groveled on her knees and sucked my cock, trying to bring it from half life to full erect, and when it began to move up on its own she dragged me back to the bed and put her head between my legs and licked my asshole.

I wished I hadn't kissed her mouth.

I was erect again and she climbed on top. She grabbed me with powerful vaginal muscles and pulled hard and slow. When she started to contract I thought she might snap my dick off. Instead, she cried out and relaxed. She moved up, I came free, and she grabbed me at the base and rubbed my swollen cock against her vaginal lips and started screaming.

Afterward she flopped on her back beside me and was still. I could hear her breathing.

I had been with superior models, but this was one of the more highly tuned bitches I had experienced.

"That can't be done with Orgulhians," she said after a while. "They have to stay inside once they get going."

I wondered if she licked Orgulhian assholes. I wished I hadn't kissed her mouth.

"They grow slow," she said, "their things. They're things more than like penises, cause they're like alive. Take an hour or more to get full size. They just get inside and let it grow until it seems to be filling you like some kind of living thing. Real slick, they slide in real easy with some slick stuff they ooze. Then they lie there and the thing starts to grow, getting bigger, but not so stiff as humans. It's more like spongy. And like it comes from inside them somewhere and just swells up, like it's finding every empty space in whatever place they put it, conforming to the shape, and it wiggles like it has little feet. And pumping, too, like a man almost pumping you, but all on its own, wiggling and squirming and pumping all the time, no stopping. The whole things pumps, baby, and like throbs sort of. And it's like packed in so tight there's no room but this goop they emit just keeps coming, lots of it, and it oozes out everywhere. Copious, that's the word. It's slippery. And thick. After a while you get hot wherever it touches. You stop thinking and all you know is this presence this Orgulhian has put inside you. Like it communes with you, you know?"

"No, I don't know."

I had seen the films, the Orgulhian in the ass or mouth or cunt, lying there with a rapt expression and not moving a muscle for an hour or more. The woman starting slow and then turning red and sweating, distended wherever the thing was inserted and oozing some green stuff like snot but more fluid until it suddenly burst out like a ruptured dam, gobs of it. When it burst it changed color, from a pea soup snot green to a kind of yellow snot with a bluish-green iridescence. Like algae on snot. The woman by then in a trance, as though drugged, and it was said they absorbed the stuff through blood-rich tissue and it went to the brain. But supposedly no one knew how it worked. All anyone knew was women craved it and there wasn't much to go round.

"I know. I had them everywhere in me. Commune, like that thing that grows puts a channel in to your brain through wherever it happens to be stuck in you. You feel the channel. I once took on ten Orgulhians, got my four star rating. Not enough to get out of here, but four stars, anyway. They kept me eight hours straight. And there was one in my mouth, one in my ass, one in my pussy all the time and those things all communed with me at once, pushing inside my brain, but I knew each one from the other. I knew what each one meant. Each one was a different personality. When it was over I could tell one from the other."

"What'd they say?"

"Not anything for words. A kind of being, you know?"

I didn't want to know. "You must find men dull."

"No baby, different. I have control with men. No control with the Orgulhians. After that ordeal, I went into the hospital for psychiatric treatment for a week, which is why they didn't take me with them. I wasn't about to take more than one of them at a time again, ever. The doctor, some woman who had never had sex with one of them, used the word tumescent and I screamed. It was like a direct image of that thing, tumescent, growing and swelling, no escape. Talking to me. Tumescent. What a word. And copious, too, she used that word and I didn't forget it either. I see copious, and I see tumescent. Like those things communing with me."

I tried to imagine a warming, swelling soft plastic arm of flesh up my ass, invading every nook and cranny and stretching along my colon and filling out so my rectum protracted and all the time some slick, viscous fluid oozed out.

The thing was a kind of spongy, fleshy pseudopod stored inside the Orgulhian body, growing out gradually as it filled with the fluid secreted internally and seeping all along the porous membrane.

I stared up at the ceiling, my dick throbbing now with the thought of her fucking ten of these monsters three at a time in an eight hour marathon.

"Weren't you hungry?"

She looked over at me and asked, "You kidding? With all that stuff running down your throat, it was like thick sweet pudding, you know? It's sweet and warm, their stuff. I learned to swallow and breath through my nose, cause they climb down your throat for an hour at a time and you fill up with that stuff. I was bloated and sore when they were done with me."

I rolled over and ate her pussy until she screamed again and turned her over and fucked her ass, then her pussy. When I finally came she was panting and moaning. We were both finished.

Afterward I wished I hadn't eaten her pussy.