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What is The Drill Press?

We're a new press with lofty ambition. The goal is to publish higher entertainment for those who enjoy using a brain, avoiding the milieu created by a US industry filtered by semi-literate agents pimping cliché-mongers to a few major houses printing so little of merit the probability of finding a book published within the last decade and worth reading is, for all intents and purposes, zero.

Only a fool would expect a novel to command attention from the first word, sentence, paragraph, or several pages. It is akin to expecting a symphony to open with a wild flourish and maintain such tedium. Nonetheless, when an agent or editor judges a work by the first sentence or page or even chapter, it is the equivalent of judging a symphony by the first measure. Of course, the soulless masses prefer short, soulless ditties. And the mindless prefer empty-headed writing. We don't expect to find readers or authors within this faceless clot of bozos.

Any novel worth reading requires two things: patience and concentration. The former allows the work to unfold, the second to follow the unfolding. Television is full of work that explodes off the screen in the first five minutes only to fizzle and pass from the viewer's attention. We look for readers who expect more, with the capacity to expend patience and concentration on written work.

Beside fiction we intend to publish essays with cutting social insight. To find a new Thorstein Veblen, for example.

Carefully researched biographies of the people who did not make it into the mainstream mythology of hero worship will find a home here, provided the tale is directly told, avoiding the psychobabble of analysis, letting the reader draw the conclusions. Politicians like Idi Amin Dada Oumee, Jean Bédel Bokassa, Jacques Foccart and Richard Milhouse Nixon. Entrepeneurs and inventers like Phil Katz and Gary Kildall, the truly creative losers or the intellectual thieves with ambition. Businessmen like George Kosmetsky and William Agee, Chainsaw Al Dunlap and John Zacharay De Lorean, less well known than the major heroes of pecuniary accumulation but no less important in detailing the meaning of corporate culture versus capitalism. These are the real characters behind the image of politics and business and enterprise in the latter half of the twentieth century.

Unlike the big houses, we will keep work in print to find an audience and a niche. And we will not print work that falls with any genre unless it presents pungent satire or breaks fundamental rules. If easily classified, you won't find it in our catalog.

Besides a careful release of longer print works, we intend to display three online magazines. The Big Stupid Review is for short fiction. Spooky Action at a Distance is for short essays, reviews of unique works of art, film or literature outside the mainstream (the review or the work), reviews of exceptional restaurants or bars or neighborhoods, short biographies, or similar prose. The Journal of Precognitive Memories is for work not easily classified but that the editors enjoy. We do not intend to publish poetry.

For more details about what to expect from us, see our submissions section. If you can write, we don't care what or where you have published or what your name is. Send it to us.

To appreciate our philosophical bent, read the manifesto. Before you to submit, we heartily recommend reading the manifesto and the submissions page. It might save you and the editors time.

We encourage submissions from all over the world, and especially Brazil, whether originally in English or in translation. We can arrange to translate works from Portuguese if they meet our standards.