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The American publishing industry has been hijacked by tasteless jackals. The agent system has created a gated community with its ultimate goal the shutting out of original talent. We seek that talent.

If you have the patience, you should first read the Manifesto. It is an approximation of what The Drill Press is about. The manifesto formed of its own accord online, appearing on our disk drive by CHANCE, so must be of divine origin.

No cliché. If you think you write like any other author, don't bother sending your stuff to us.

We want work worth the trouble of reading. This means the time reading your work should be time well spent. Compare reading time to time spent watching television or a hackneyed Hollywood blockbuster. How do they compare? Your writing should engage the reader with ideas, actions, places, and with language that is a challenge.

We care about prose. We want to see adjectives that describe. If you use words like pretty and nice, don't send us the work.

Americans are in desperate need of truth and they won't get it from the pap of mainstream publishing houses, television, or motion pictures. If you can't understand this statement, you ought not bother submitting to us.

The goal of writing to make a lot of money is a delusion. You would have the same chance with the lottery. This is not to say you won't make money at it, but you would have a better chance of making more money dealing narcotics, as a defense contractor or panhandling, any of which would be of greater use to society.

All submissions by e-mail unless other arrangements are made. Attach files in .doc or .rtf format.


Please be aware that our spam filter has become very tight, with a small aperature, looking for dual combinations of letters that do not occur in the ONLY words we do not try to filter against in the subject line. The words allowed in the subject line are:

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Choose an appropriate combination of these, and only these, words when responding. Thanks.